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10 Tips To Grow Your Business

Do you want to grow your business and step up to the next level?

Perhaps you’ve been in the pool service industry for a few years and now know the basics, and it’s time to move up a few notches.

Obviously, being the best at what you do is key, but what else can you do to optimize growth?

Here are 10 tips to follow a path to greater success: 1. Invest in good equipment. Long lasting and efficient equipment can save time (which is money) and will pay for itself in terms of replacements over the long term.

2. Hire someone for daily pool service and focus on repairs, which is where the money is. Invest in quality workers. Learn plumbing, gas and electrical work 3. Optimize your route to save time and money driving.

4. Raise rates incrementally once a year. Chemical costs and equipment part prices go up, and so should your rates. Keep up or get left behind.

5. It’s all about referrals. Some service professionals even pay for referrals with a month of free service after a new customer pays their first bill.

6. List your company on Google and Yelp – It’s free.

7. Encourage and ask for reviews. Social media shares on Facebook and Nextdoor are excellent ways to amp up business.

8. Awesome customer service is key. Get to know your customers. Meet their kids. Remember their dog’s names. Make personal connections.

9. Be and look professional.

A uniform is a must. Wrap your truck. Always answer your phone. Be on time. Have business cards.

10. Be organized. Use a pool software program.

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