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You never know when the ….

You never know when the next hot product will hit the market, but wouldn’t you hate to see it in your customer’s backyard – sold and installed by someone else?

It is the direct and personal contact with customers that makes the real difference in the business world.

The successful firm makes the most of that contact knowing that to do otherwise will only give the customer the idea that the company’s employees are only around when something is wrong with their pool.

Attitude is everything when it comes to any service profession.

Be ready with a smile and a personal greeting and never duck an opportunity to interact with a customer.

When service pros are seen as confident, friendly, caring and professional, they are subconsciously pre-selling their customers on a new heater, variable-speed pump or the latest hot new product.

After last year’s flurry of new pool construction, along with a need to provide ourselves some form of recreation, there’s no doubt that 2021 has enormous potential for resourceful service techs.

Greater profits are just a conversation away.

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