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NDPA’s water safety action plan

The World Health Organization recommends that all countries create a Water Safety Plan which addresses the nation’s drowning problem. To date, the United States has not had such a plan, but that is about to change.

With the support of Water Safety USA, a Steering Committee has been formed to guide the development of just such a plan. The Steering Committee for the National Water Safety Action Plan is made up of a passionate group of stakeholders and influencers from organizations with water safety and drowning prevention as part of their mission.

For Stage 1, a framework and approach have been developed to prevent drowning. Stage 2 of the plan development is now underway.

The National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NPDA) believes that capturing the knowledge and experience of water safety professionals across the United States is essential to creating a water safety plan which is comprehensive, realistic and executable.

Stage 2 will involve groups undertaking work in six areas of focus: data surveillance, supervision/lifeguards, water safety/water competency/ swimming lessons, rescue/CPR, fencing/ barriers and life jackets.

The goal of their work is to make recommendations for a model “Water Safety State”, “Water Safety County” and “Water Safety Community”, as well as identifying the need for national level work on minimum standards and guidelines to help support states, counties and communities in adopting and implementing the recommended evidence-based strategies.

You can help by contributing to Stage 2 of the process by putting your name forward as a key informant or reviewer, or you can help promote the development process to help reach and include the input of water safety professionals at all levels across the country. The NDPA is also still looking for funding to help underwrite the cost of developing the plan.

NDPA invites you to visit the website at nwsap.html for more information and to indicate your interest.

You can also learn more about the US National Water Safety Action Plan’s at the virtual National Water Safety Conference (March 29-April 1, 2021) where the Steering Committee will talk about the Plan’s development, timeline and how you can get involved!

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