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Keep hands off skimmer basket with ‘Debris Z’

Keep hands off skimmer basket with ‘Debris Z’ Keep hands off skimmer basket with ‘Debris Z’

Debris Z

® , from Pool Patch LLC, of Phoenix, Ariz., provides a clean and dry solution for emptying a skimmer basket. This product, featuring an extended easy-grip handle with push-button release, ensures that hands do not come in contact water or waste.

To use, simply open the skimmer lid, with the pool pump running, and lift Debris Z from the water. Slowly dip it back into the skimmer so the flow of water can help loosen stuck debris. Then lift it out and take it to a trash receptacle where a push of the button gets rid of the mess.

Once debris has been discarded, hold the button down, push the swinging door back into locked position and replace Debris Z back in the skimmer. “Open and shut” performance ends the discomforts and annoyances associated with cold water, wet leaves and creepy crawlers.

Debris Z B152 fits Hayward 1080 series skimmers, including AUTO-SKIM models SP1080-SP1082.

For more information, contact Pool Patch LLC, Dept. SI, 11430 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85020. Telephone 800-588-4008. Online www.

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