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New pool surface ‘Rebound’ captures attention

New pool surface ‘Rebound’ captures attention New pool surface ‘Rebound’ captures attention

An innovative pool, spa and decking surface option has just come to market. It is called Rebound Pool Surfaces, and it is a surface unlike any other. Made with a proprietary blend of liquid polymers and thermo plastic granules, Rebound offers a surface that is a blend of comfort and durability.

This new product, out for only 2 years, was designed by Bill Stafford, the owner of Flex Ground, which is used for playgrounds, splash pads, fountains and more.

Now used for both pools and decks, a Rebound surface is much softer and safer than traditional materials while offering excellent slip resistance.

According to Steve Walsh, co-owner of Rebound, it is extremely easy to install. This surface can be applied directly over the existing plaster, pebble or concrete finishes, saving pool contractors and homeowners the cost and inconvenience of messy removal chip-outs of old surfaces.

Furthermore, the installation process itself requires only three half days, with minimal and inexpensive equipment – about $200 in rollers and other assorted materials.

On the first day, the surface is prepped by power washing and plastic is laid out to protect against unwanted coverage. Then, a two-part polymer is applied to the existing pool, spa or deck surface with a brush and rollers, which takes about two hours for an average sized pool.

On the second day, another coat of polymer is applied, and while it is still wet, the thermo plastic granules are hand broadcast into the polymer. On the third day, loose granules are vacuumed up, and an additional coat of polymer is applied. Then allow three days to fully cure before filling with water.

Nearly anyone can install it. Rebound will send their trainer, Rebound’s coowner Lance Johnson, to an installer’s first job and stay throughout the process to make sure they are fully trained.

After that, they can sell it and install it on their own.

“It’s a simple process to do, but there are some tips and tricks to installing it and we can help with that learning curve,” Walsh said.

This product is completely inert, non reactive against chemicals, and easy to clean. Because it is not porous, it doesn’t allow for algae adhesion. It is stable against chlorine and regular chemical exposure, including ozone, and can withstand harsh weather as well as patio furniture, dogs and spills and drops. It comes in 20 colors, from whites to blues and greens, and beiges and browns, or customizable, and the colors are UV resistant against fading. Its also resistant to fungus, fire, taber abrasion, and has excellent tear strength.

The company offers a five-year warranty on the product, but they expect it will last much longer.

“It’s been used on splash pads that have been around for 10-plus years, and it has held up well in those kinds of environments, which are tough, because that’s a heavy chlorinated situation with lots of children running around and water on and off – dry to wet, which is rough on most surfaces. In a pool where the water is always sitting against it, we feel it will last a really long time,” Walsh said.

Because the product is so new, only about 20 pools have Rebound installed on them, and about 10 decks. However, the company is sure to see a surge in installations as more builders and pool service technicians across the country become aware of it.

Rebound is marketed as a premium finish, priced just below quartz, and well below pebble.

“When pool builders see it and get it in their hands, they say ‘wow, flexible, soft, and durable - this is crazy.’ Nobody’s ever seen anything like this. There’s really no head-to-head comparison,” Walsh said.

For more information, visit www., or call 916.417-7526, or email Steve Walsh at [email protected]

Rebound surface pictured above. Photo credit: Flex Ground, Bill Stafford.

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