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Visuallyappealingskimmer from GLI pool products

The Skimmer Beauty Kit, from GLI Pool Products, of Youngstown, Ohio, transforms a bright white skimmer that stands out to one that blends in and matches the company’s disappearing Vinyl Top Drain Covers for a more harmonious, visually appealing look.

The kit includes a decorative vanity faceplate, skimmer insert and weir. Installation is easy, with no glue required. Colors available include light gray, dark gray, light blue, dark blue and beige.

The Skimmer Beauty Kit fits Hayward Skimmers SP1084, SP1085-10M and SP1085-20M.

For more information, contact GLI Pool Products, Dept. SI, 215 Sinter Ct., Youngstown, OH 44510. Phone 800-448-2343. Online

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