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day, just like the virtual ….

day, just like the virtual classes. A majority of instructors will have schedules that include mostly 2 day classes, but fusion students can also be integrated with the second day of any 2 day class.

The in-person class option allows for hands-on training in addition to the classroom instruction with a PHTA CPO Instructor. Instructors can easily see if students are struggling with concepts and address a different way to teach it. Hands-on training helps build on the concepts taught in the classroom portion. It allows students to do water testing and see a pool equipment area in person. Students’ interests can more easily be held by use of instructional methods that are simply unavailable through a virtual class.

Another positive for students to register for an in-person class is not having to meet certain technology requirements. The hesitation due to technology and the online environment are removed with an in-person class.

Location is a serious consideration with an in-person class if there are not enough instructors in your geographic area. The need to stay in a hotel for one or two nights will increase the cost to the student to get certified. The options on instructors that are available for students to pick from decreases and could detract from the optimum education of the student.

The educational opportunities for pool service technicians is greater today than ever and it is wonderful that pool operators have a variety of options to choose from regarding their education. Becoming educated in the field and having that certification to prove it is a step forward in the industry for the pool operator. The differences between the two class types have helped remove barriers to education, making this important training accessible to all. Hopefully the trend in education options will continue in other class types. Covid has definitely sped up this process and will continue into the future.

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