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Raypak’s quiet ‘3-series’ electric titanium heater

The Electric 3-Series Titanium Heater, from Raypak

® , Inc., of Oxnard, Calif., is built with titanium heating elements and 316L stainless steel, to withstand extreme pool water conditions, including salt water chlorinated pools. Utilizing flow sensor technology, this heater is programmed to have a minimum flow activation rate of 15 GPM.

The E3T uses solid state controls to eliminate noisy and troublesome contactors. Power can be modulated, using only the energy necessary to maintain desired temperature. The digital control center shows the desired set point and makes it possible to set the temperature exactly where it is wanted.

The easy-to-read display makes it possible to see temperature, GPM flow, and diagnostics. The intuitive alert system keeps users informed E3T pool and spa heaters are compact, come standard with union connections, and are easy to install. They are available in 5.5, 11, 18 and 27 kW models.

For more information, contact Raypak, Inc., Dept. SI, 2151 Eastman Ave., Oxnard, CA 93030. Telephone 805-275-3003. Online

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