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Turn filtratation into 2 stageswith‘TyphoonTJ-16’

The Typhoon TJ-16 Pre-Filter, from CircuPool

® , of Houston, Tex., uses vortex technology similar to that found in modern cyclonic home vacuum cleaners to power sixteen independent centrifugal chambers. By using the existing pump and filter, the Typhoon turns ordinary equipment into a two-stage filtration system that spins away dust and dirt, producing clear sparkling pool water and a significantly reduced need for filter cleanings.

With no moving parts to wear out and no electrical components, the Typhoon removes most impurities from the water before they reach the filter. The clear chamber makes it possible to see how effective this pre-filter is, and it can be cleaned in moments just by briefly opening its purge valve.

The Typhoon mounts on top of the pump so it fits into any equipment pad for easy installation. Two-inch threaded couplings ensure free-flow operation on all pools. The Typhoon is certified salt-pool safe, and is compatible with all types of pumps and filters.

For more information, contact CircuPool, Dept. SI, 5730 B Greens Rd., Houston, TX 77032. Telephone 888-206-9938. Online

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