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Fix-A-Leak stops leaks, hardens & cures to seal

Fix-A-Leak, from Marlig Industries, Inc., of Ontario, Canada, a blended, concentrated material designed to seal leaks, hardens and cures to form a durable, long-lasting seal in virtually any material.

Fix-A-Leak, which will seal holes 1/8- inch diameter, can be applied to stop leaks in the walls, floor or shell; in suction lines; and throughout the plumbing system. It will not harm salt chlorine generators, heaters, pumps or filters.

Fix-A-Leak is also an excellent preventative maintenance aid, as it coats all surfaces that it comes in contact with and cuts down on formation of rust and corrosion.

Fix-A-Leak is a tried and true product that has been thoroughly field-tested under various weather conditions and has proven to be effective in sealing leaks.

For more information, contact Marlig Industries, Inc., Dept. SI, 3308 Fairway Rd., Niagara Falls, Ontario L2J 3R6 or P.O. Box 117, Niagara Falls, NY 14304. Telephone 905-374-2560. Online

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