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‘Total Trap Pool Refresh’ lowers TDS, no draining

‘Total Trap Pool Refresh’ lowers TDS, no draining ‘Total Trap Pool Refresh’ lowers TDS, no draining

Total Trap Pool Refresh ™ , from Hydropure Technologies, Inc., of Jacksonville, Fla., is a two-part formula that lowersTDS and permanently removes metals, phosphates and other dissolved solids from pool water without draining and refilling. It acts similarly to a “floc” agent to safely react with these contaminants and enlarge their particle size so they can be trapped in the filter or vacuumed to waste.

Total Trap Pool Refresh removes iron, copper, manganese, phosphates, bacteria, viruses, tannins, oils, scum, and more without affecting free chlorine levels. It ends the stain cycle by removing the dissolved metals responsible for causing the stains to keep coming back.

When Pool Refresh reacts with the dissolved metals floating in the water it increases their particle size to 3-5 microns. Water will turn cloudy within 24 hours, a sign that the product is working. At that point, a filteraid product can be used to increase efficiency and real removal can begin.

The filter should be run non-stop, with regular checks for an increase in pressure. As the filter removes more dissolved contaminants, rinse off or backwash as needed, Depending on the level of metals and contamination in the water, the filter will need to run 2-5 days to remove all the undesired particles. Once the process is done, the result is easily maintained water.

For more information, contact Hydropure Technologies, Inc., Dept. SI, 3811 University Blvd. W, Ste. 21,Jacksonville, FL 32217. Telephone 904730-6721. Online

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