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Make work easier using Deck-O-Seal’s‘WFXBOARD’


® , of Hampshire, Ill., a leader in pool construction products innovation, has launched their new WF XBOARD Tile Ledger and Form Board.

This flexible, forming utility board gives pool contractors the freedom to work in tighter spaces because it bends easily to form a smaller radius of six feet, ideal for circular installations, like hot tubs. WF XBOARD can work as a tile ledger in swimming pools and spas as small as six feet (1.8 m) in diameter.

Pool contractors can leverage Deck-O-Seal’s new WF XBOARD for the following use cases: concrete flatwork, pool decks, tile ledgers, circular installations.

WF XBOARD, made from compressed wood fibers, is VOC-compliant and non-bituminous. It is applicable as a forming board by nailing the product to stakes and as a tile ledger by nailing it to the substrate at predetermined intervals. Two sizes are available: ½-in. x 4-inch x 10-ft. and ½-in. x 6-in. x 10-ft.

For more information, contact W. R. Meadows, Dept. SI, 300 Industrial Dr., Hampshire, IL 60140. Telephone 800-542-7665. Online

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