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Rola-Chem’s ‘555XXP’ for easymonitoringandcontrol

The 555XXP Generation II, Digital pH/Dual ORP/ FAC Controller, from Rola-Chem, of St. Paul, Minn., with advanced functionality, promises to make it simpler than ever to monitor and record pH and sanitizer levels in pools and spas.

Developed with CA Title 22 regulations in mind, the 555XXP is a chemical automation system that continuously monitors pH and sanitizer levels and then provides free web-based monitoring that logs and displays ORP, temperature, pH and calculated FAC (ppm) readouts.

These controllers, NSF/ANSI certified and made in the USA, offer timed or continuous feed setting, pH and temperature calibration, acid or base feed compatibility, dip switch programmable settings, built-in out-ofrange safety shutoff and a five-year limited warranty.

To make things easier, with just one part number, a complete Rola-Chem ready-to mount system, including controller, feeder and monitor, can be ordered to control two sanitizer sources with a digital pH/Dual ORPSystem.

For more information, contact Rola-Chem, Dept. SI, 5858 Centerville Rd., St. Paul, MN 55127. Phone 800-549-4473., Online

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