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Advanced Pool Technologies offers‘TheVacDaddy’vacuum

Advanced Pool Technologies offers‘TheVacDaddy’vacuum Advanced Pool Technologies offers‘TheVacDaddy’vacuum

The VacDaddy

™ from Advanced Pool Technologies, LLC, of Port Washington, N. Y., is a compact and lightweight portable pool vacuum. At only ten pounds it is easy to operate and maneuver, yet it is extremely powerful, with suction up to 60 GPM.

The VacDaddy requires no battery and has no wearable parts except the long-lasting 24V electric motor. Instead of setting up and priming a bulky hose or lifting a heavy robotic vacuum and waiting hours to clean the pool, simply attach the VacDaddy to the pole, plug it in and vacuum.

The VacDaddy completes the task in a faction of the time it takes robotic pool vacuums and at half the cost of many popular heavier vacuums. It is ideal for touch ups between weekly cleanings and for reaching areas robotic vacuums cannot easily get to.

The VacDaddy, designed by a 35-year veteran of the industry, is an economical, time-saving and efficient choice that simplifies pool maintenance for service professionals.

For more information, contact Advanced Pool Technologies, LLC, Dept. SI, 1200 Port Washington blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050. Telephone 888-536-8186. Online

The Wonder Weir, from Purity Pool, Inc., of Redding, Calif., is a universal high-performance replacement weir with a spring-loaded rod that fits securely in any skimmer.

Two foam blades provide skimming efficiency with all levels of suction. The double-action design works well even with very low suction, a must for automatic suction cleaners and two-speed pumps.

While the 8 3/8-inch size is the most popular, a useful feature of the Wonder Weir is that it can be trimmed on-site to fit any skimmer. Many professionals order the 12-inch size and cut it down to fit. The foam can also be trimmed to work around damaged or irregular skimmer openings.

For more information, contact Purity Pool, Inc., Dept. SI, 9533 Crossroads Dr., Redding, CA 96003. Telephone 800-257-1961. Online

RB Pool & Spa software for job costing, progress

RB Pool and Spa Software Point of Sale software now includes the job costing and job progress management program that includes information on estimates and contracts.

This module fully integrates with the CRM, Leads Management, Inventory, Time Clock, Scheduling, Purchase Orders, Receiving, Accounts Receivable and the QuickBooks features. It enables builders to track ongoing costs of construction work and the physical progress of the job.

View the bid price next to the actual costs to manage variances and perform progress billings. Controlling variance is easy with these side-by-side comparisons. Track sub-contractor costs along with your own labor, inventory and expenses. User defined fields let you customize the job stage of each line item.

Call for a demonstration.

For more information, contact RB Retail & Service Solutions, Dept. SI, 3824 Northern Pike, Suite 600, Monroeville, PA 15146. Telephone 866-933-9099. Online

Watercoforcosteffective, environment friendly pumps

Waterco, an Australian company with offices in Augusta, Ga., has added the Electroheat MKV Pool Heat Pump to their heat pump range in order to meet the demand for environmentally friendly and costeffective pool heating. Designed for ease of use and maintenance, the Electroheat MKV’s LED control panel provides a continuous digital pool temperature display and also incorporates a self-diagnosis system that, in the event of a problem, will display relevant error codes.

The Electroheat MKV has been built with ozone-friendly R410A refrigerant that is kinder to the environment and improves the heat pump’s performance. Other key features include a high-density dual-coil titanium heat exchanger, hydrophilic Blue Fin technology, scroll compressor and weatherproof cabinet.

The compact Electroheat MKV, with heat output capacities of 9, 12, 15, 19 and 23KW, is ideal for heating plunge pools, swim spas, spas and swimming pools as a solar replacement season extender.

For more information, contact Waterco, Dept. SI, 1812 Tobacco Rd., Augusta, GA 30906. Telephone 706-793-7291. Online

Need new pool vacuum hoses?TryValterraProducts

Vacuum Hoses, from Valterra Products, LLC, of Mission Hills, Calif., are available in several lengths to suit individual needs. Made of high-quality and chemically resistant polypropylene material, these durable spiral-wrapped hoses provide years of service vacuuming.

Valterra’s 1½-inch hoses come in lengths of 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-feet. A 1½-inch swivel cuff on one end keeps the hose extended without twisting.

Other pool and spa offerings from Valterra include brushes; leaf baggers, rakes, skimmer nets and poles; pool water testing products; pumps, filters and weirs; vacuums and replacement parts; valves and a variety of pool and spa plumbing products accessories.

For more information, contact Valterra products, LLC, Dept. SI, 15230 San Fernando Mission Blvd., Mission Hills, CA 91345. Telephone 818-898-1671. Online

Taylor Tech’s new water testingsystem‘XpressFlex’


™ Flex is a new water testing system from Taylor Technologies, of Sparks, Md., that uses advanced lighting and imaging, intelligent software and test strips Engineered for Accuracy

™ to provide fast, accurate and affordable test results.

Xpress Flex, which performs up to 11 tests in one minute, significantly reduces cost per test compared to other in-store testing options. Flexibility makes it a more efficient method because the test lineup can be modified for each customer, using only the strips currently needed and saving the rest for later. An added benefit is that intuitive user experience simplifies staff training.

Flex strips are engineered for use with the Xpress Flex device which is auto-calibrating and autoadjusting. Xpress Flex, manufactured in the USA, integrates with sureTREAT

™ water analysis software. With Xpress Flex, a typical store can significantly reduce its testing costs each season while still delivering needed results that exceed customers’ expectations.

For more information, contact Taylor Technologies, Dept. SI, 31 Loveton Circle, Sparks, MD 21152. Telephone 800-837-8548. Visit the company online at

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