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from the use of liquid. ….

from the use of liquid. It has the most efficient cost per use of all formulations. And, it is the safest to transport and store.

HASA has had a deposit program on its 4X1 Sani-Clor product since 1964.

During the pandemic, we have been able to continue to deliver our high strength 12.5% liquid in returnable bottles.

This system prevented back-ups from the shortage or delays of packing materials like plastic and cardboard.Also, this helps keep our environment free from un-necessary waste.

This system keeps over 25,000,000 plastics bottles out of landfills and oceans per year.

For more info on Sani-Clor ® check out this link: And now you can get the power of Sani-Clor ® introduced daily into the pool with the HASA Liquidator™: A cost-efficient unit that works without additional electricity. The Liquidator™ offers a simple way to ensure Safe, Clean and Clear water for your pools every day.

The next time you hear about the chlorine shortage remember…there is more than one way to chlorinate the pool and HASA is here to help.

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