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It was originally developed for ….

It was originally developed for this purpose. These animals often live under bad health conditions in chlorinated systems similar to human swimming pools.

ACO reduces the need for chlorine, the formation of harmful DPB’s and helps improve the living conditions of these animals.

We also offer an ACO-Bio version of ACO for fish systems.

SIN: Does it get used up in the reactions it performs, or does it remain in the pool?

Meyer: ACO acts as a catalyst, and it is not consumed in the process. However, because of water loss (splashout, backwash, etc.) we recommend regular dosing during the pool season.

SIN: Is ACO made by multiple manufacturers or is it only available from Dryden?

Meyer: ACO was developed by Dr. Dryden, a marine biologist, to reduce the need for chlorine and the formation of harmful disinfection by-products (DBP’s) such as tri-chloramine or THM’s such as chloroform. ACO is only available from Dryden Aqua.

SIN: Is any kind of special equipment required?

Meyer: ACO is frequently used alone or in combination with the Dryden Aqua Integrated System (DAISY).ACO works with any type of filtration (eg. AFM, glass, quartz sand, DE, cartridge) and disinfection (chlorine/saltwater, peroxide). It can be dosed manually or automatically. If dosed automatically, a dosing pump is required. ACO is best dosed manually once per week or once per month directly into the pool/ skimmer.

SIN: What is the dosage?

Meyer: If ACO is dosed manually, the dosage is 1 liq.qt. per 25,000 gal pool volume per week. We recommend the first dosage be double this amount. ACO takes around 1-2 weeks before the full effects are visible.

SIN: Why does it start working only after a couple of weeks? What's with the lag time?

Meyer: Our new and improved ACO has a much shorter lag time. We recommend the addition of a double dose when starting up the pool. This will reduce the lag time to 1-2 weeks. This is the time it takes for ACO to properly cover all surfaces in contact with water. Then simply dose ACO weekly or monthly as preferred.

SIN: Where (in the world) is it used and why is it relatively unknown in the US?

Meyer: ACO has been widely used in Europe for many years and has recently been introduce to Australia and the US. After successfully launching AFM Activated Filter Media first, ACO was only recently introduced to the US commercial pool market.

SIN: When did it first become available?

Meyer: For the pool market, ACO was successfully launched about 10 years ago in the German speaking markets (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), followed by the rest of Europe. Today, ACO is a standard product in European residential and public pools.

SIN: Where can people buy it?

Meyer: ACO is sold through the DrydenAqua commercial dealer network in the US and Canada. Contact [email protected] for an up-to date list. For the residential market, ACO is offered under the “Dr.Dryden’s Enhance Summer” brand, available through most major distributors.

SIN: Where is Dryden's headquarters (in the US, if it has a location here) Meyer: Dryden Aqua has two state of the art manufacturing plants for AFM Activated Filter Media in Scotland and Switzerland. All our chemical products, including ACO, are manufactured by us in Scotland. Our US sales office is in Dallas, TX.

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