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Pool & Spa Social Media Directory

There is a Facebook Group for just about everything, and in recent years, a large number of pool forums have been created to help pool industry members get answers to questions, support one another, help solicit or apply for jobs, buy or sell pool routes and more. These groups may be public, meaning that anyone can view content, or private, meaning that individuals must request to become members before viewing membership and posts. The following are some Facebook groups for interested swimming pool service professionals.

14 PSI Industry Lounge

The 14 PSI Industry Lounge Facebook group is a group whose intention is to help pool and spa professionals perform great work and elevate members knowledge of the work they do every day.

Advanced Swimming Pool Service Techs

This is not for the average pool tech, but rather the best of the best, and behavior and questions should reflect as such. This private group is not for the faint of heart. It is administrated by Steve Sherwood, CEO at Sherwood Pool Consulting Group in Los Angeles, California.

All Things Aquatics — Supporting pools and the staff/ people who love them

The “All things Aquatics” Group is like the “water cooler” of the aquatics industry. It is administrated by Wesley King, owner of Wesley King Consulting, LLC Aquatic Safety, Service, & Sustainability. This public group provides open discussions about the positive impact water workers can have on the pool and aquatic industry. Discussion topics range from keeping homes or local pools safer and preventing drownings to discussions about budgets and much more.

Ask the Masters

Ask the Masters invites professional builders from all around the world and from all types of industries specifically related to water shape, landscaping, design and construction. It is administrated by Randy Beard, President of Varx1 in Costa Mesa California, Rick Chafey, Co-owner at Red Rock Contractors and Red Rock Pools & Spas in ChandlerArizona, and David Penton founder and president of Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa in Fullerton, California.

They welcome open constructive criticism and answers to questions industry professionals may have.

The 'Masters' have years of experience with award winning work and have completed hours of certified training in architecture, construction and design. They are here to guide you with best practices to help everyone grow as professional builders and designers.

The Business of Swimming Pools

The Business of Swimming Pools was created to discuss and post content for small business owners.

This group is not intended to talk about pool problems, algae, basket sizes or to ask questions about phosphates or any other chemical, compound or formula. This group is specifically and only related to the business of swimming.

Pertinent topics include: marketing, human resources, business banking, insurance, operations and growth strategy. It is administrated by Cliff Pryor, CEO at Aquatic Educations in Corinth, Mississippi, Joe Giehm, retired from BioLab Inc, Corona, California and Stephen Little, CEO of Claro Pro in Palm Desert, California.

The Certified Pool Operator

CPO Facebook Group is an exclusive group for Certified Pool Operators everywhere to chat, share tips and ask questions.

Honest Pool Chemistry

This group is for swimming pool service techs only. This public group is about water chemistry and anything that is swimming pool related. Water Chemistry Expert Robert Lowry, Lowry Consulting Group, LLC in Houston, Texas, is on hand to answer your toughest questions. This group is for companies or people who are affiliated with pools, spas, water fountains, saunas or any other related products in the industry.

Pool Chasers

This is a peer to peer, business owner to business owner, networking and support group. The group is a community where people can connect with their business peers and jam on business and life as an entrepreneur and most importantly swimming pool and spa talk. It is administrated by Tyler Rasmussen, co-founder of Pool Chasers Podcast, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Pool Girl Power

This is a Facebook group for female pool pros, with different perspectives and unique issues. This group was created for female pool technicians to help and encourage each other. Administrators include Suzanne Todd of Aquanut Pool Care in Greenville, South Carolina, Amy Lamothe, of HB Pools in Plantagenet, Ontario, Erin Thibodeau, Pace Pool & Spa Service, Inc, in Pensacola, Florida and Andrea Nannini, Virtual Pool Museum, Port St Lucie, Florida.

Pool Industry Mastermind

This is a positive energy pool industry group for all members of the pool industry to help make the world a better place, share ideas and create and grow some really great relationships. It was founded by Allan Curtis,Ask the Pool Guy/Legendary Escapes in Michigan, David Owens, Owens Custom Pools in Oregon and Sandi Maki, Ask the Pool Girl.

Pool Services Sales & Marketing Tips

Pool Services Sales & Marketing Tips is a Facebook group to help build small businesses. This group is for those in the business of pool services and for business owners looking to improve marketing efforts. The group also caters to those interested in networking with other pressure washers to see what marketing works for them and those interested in building relationships with other people in your field. Building relationships is the key to successful networking, and more leads means more money. Administrators include Moira Kenney Prior of Mr Pipeline in Lake Worth, Florida, Jon JD DeLeeuw, Vice president of Mr Pipeline, Jon Majak, CEO of Mr Pipeline, Evan McGinnis of Mr Pipe Line, and Tay Meroni, Co-owner at Pure Power Washing in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Swimming Pool Contractor Forum

This group is a forum for swimming pool professionals to discuss problems, solutions and ideas pertaining to pool construction. Joe Spero, owner of Pool Docs of NJ, in Lakewood, New Jersey is the administrator.

Swimming Pool for Professionals

This is a group for swimming pool professionals only. They do not allow advertising or spamming. They accept all people of all races and gender, and those with preferences for water testing, brand and vacuums. Administrators include Derrick Todd, owner of Aquanut Pool Care Greenville in Greer, South Carolina, Andrea Nannini, Virtual Pool Museum, Port St Lucie, Florida and Mark Jeffery Lilley, founder of Lilley Pad Pools in Chico, California.

Swimming Pool Industry Jobs

Swimming Pool Industry Jobs is a Facebook group dedicated to pool and spa professionals looking for jobs or looking to fill positions. Members are invited to post jobs descriptions or resumes. Administrators include Shaun Monastero, President of Aquatic Technologies Inc., Brookfield, Connecticut, and Jon Allen, Regional Service Manager at Shoreline Pools in Stamford, Connecticut.

Swimming Pool Industry: Retail World

This Facebook group is for those who want to get down to the nitty gritty of when two lucrative, but highly stressful worlds collide. Here, the swimming pool industry meets retail. The group attracts store owners or employees, or anyone who is involved with the retail aspect of this intense and ever-changing industry. Jules Johnson, author at Pool Operator Talk News in Irvine, California, is the administrator.

Swimming Pool Industry Workers

Swimming Pool Industry Workers is a closed group for swimming pool Industry workers and pool professionals only. It provides a platform to share knowledge and experience, ask questions, meet or talk to manufacture repsresentatives or others in any specific region or across the globe. Jason Broswell,, owner of PBJ Pool / Pool Service by Jason in Northridge, California, is the administrator.

Broswell believes membership is a way to give back to the industry and raise the standard for pool professionals as a whole.

“We all started out green at one time knowing less than we do now. Never stop learning and never stop contributing to the next generation coming in,” Broswell said.

With over 6,600 members, this is one of the larger Facebook groups.

Swimming Pool Repair and Services

Swimming pool repair and services is an online community of swimming pool contractors , pool services and pool repair companies and manufacturers. It is one of the few public groups, meaning anyone can see what group members post. The page contains news and information. The administrator is Shakeela Waseem.

Swimming Pool Service and Repair Techs

The Swimming Pool Service and Repair Techs is a Facebook group for anyone who is currently or has ever been involved in any aspect of the pool industry. With over 3,400 members, this is a moderately sized group. The administrator is Kyle Nielson, of Tuscon, Arizona.

Talking Pools

Stankowitz says that the main thrust of the group is to share tips of the trade, providing both rookies and veterans with answers to everyday problems

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