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Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry

Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry Check out our latest ‘Horror File’ entry


Welcome to the latest edition of our popular “Can You Top This?” column, featuring the newest entry in the

Service Industry News “Horror File. ”

This issue’s entry comes to us from James Stearns of Stearns Pools & Spas in New Braunfels, Texas.

“Encountered this head scratcher and asked the customer why the in-line chlorinator was installed between the pump and the filter valve, with NO check valves?” writes James.

“He informed me that the salt generator had quit working. So he called the builder. The builder informed him that it would be less expensive to install a new inline chlorinator, compared to repairing and maintaining the salt cell.

“Why didn’t they cut away, remove the salt cell and install the chlorinator on the return line, with a check valve? There is plenty of room to do the job correctly. I will never understand companies that think they are saving the customer money by taking a short cut. This will end up costing the customer more money compared to repairing & maintaining the salt cell.”

Well said James!. Other publications like to print lots of pretty pictures of beautiful pools, spas and well engineered installations.

At Service Industry News, we would rather go behind the scenes and take a closer look at the type of stuff our readers encounter everyday — cracked tiles, tree roots, spaghetti plumbing, rats in the heater, cars in the pool and more!

When you are out in the field and you see something that doesn’t look right, send us an email along with a picture and a brief description: Attention Horror File, [email protected]

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