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Haviland’s ‘Pure-Zyme Max’ reduceswatercontaminants

Newly re-imagined Nature’s Care brand, from Haviland Enterprises, Inc., of Grand Rapids, Mich., now offers Pure-Zyme Max, a powerful and convenient product that combines a broad-spectrum enzyme with a phosphate remover that together break down and reduce pool water contaminants.

The effectiveness of Pure-Zyme Max actually increases as water temperature rises, making it ideal for mid-summer heat. Using powerful enzymes, it breaks down the bonds of oils and sweat to keep sanitizers free to do their job.

This product also reduces and controls phosphate levels in pool water and helps reduce filter maintenance to improve water quality and clarity. It is great in salt pools.

Pure-Zyme Max, made in the USA, is available in a new, convenient 64-oz., 2-quart size.

Video link: NC_PureZyme_Max.mp4.

For more information, contact Haviland Enterprises, Inc., Dept. SI, 421 Ann St. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Phone 800-333-0400. Online www.

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