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$3.16 per pound of available ….

$3.16 per pound of available chlorine from trichlor (if they can even get it). In Florida, where once it might have made sense to go with either form of chlorine, the choice is now patently clear.

Because of these price increases, many industry professionals have predicted a spike in sales of secondary disinfection systems, so this year, we also surveyed service professionals about whether their pools also employ SWCG’s UV, ozone, andAOPsystems. Similarly, we also asked questions about their use of specialty chemicals (such as algicides, enzymes, etc.) they may be using to help offset some of the challenges they are currently facing.

This survey issue also examines the popular use of automatic cleaners, employed on most of the pools serviced by maintenance firms. As has been noted in years prior, preferences for the type of cleaner - be it pressure side, suction side, or robotic, is regional.

Chlorination types and pricing, cleaner types and prevalence, specialty chemicals and usage, and preferred testing methods are all the topics of this special issue of Service Industry News.

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