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‘Quickspray Carrousel pump’ for many surfaces

‘Quickspray Carrousel pump’ for many surfaces ‘Quickspray Carrousel pump’ for many surfaces

The Quikspray

® Carrousel


Inc., of Clinton, Ohio, utilizes the peristaltic or squeeze principle, with rollers that rotate against a rubber tube, flattening it against the U-shaped pressure wall. This soft rubber tube, the only part that contacts pumped material, is inexpensive and easily replaced for damage or wear.

The Carrousel is ideal for fireproofing, stucco, shotcrete, artificial scapes, EIFS, veneer plasters, cement or plaster interior and exterior coatings, glass fiber surface bonding cements, waterproofing, GFRC, GFRP, grouts, aggregated & non-aggregated epoxies and more.

Simple, versatile and dependable, the unit is easy to operate and clean. Specially designed Quik-Flo couplings and reduced fittings help lower pumping pressures and problems. The Carrousel can even run dry indefinitely without damage, Parabolic hoppers allow easy flow of materials, and have no corners to clog. The 8-jet venturi spray nozzle for fiber filled coatings also eliminates clogging.

The Carrousel is available in over 30 models. Test reports are available upon request.

For more information, contact Quikspray, Inc., Dept. SI, 2105 W. Lakeshore Dr., Port Clinton, OH 43452. Telephone 419-732-2611. Online

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