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Frequent pressure side issues

Frequent pressure side issues Frequent pressure side issues

Cleaner does not move

There may not be enough pressure. Cleaners need about 30 psi to operate or about 17 psi for low pressure cleaners.

• Make sure the booster pump and filter pump are both running.

• Check the inline strainer and clean as needed. Rocks or debris may have obstructed the cleaners wheels.

Cleaner is slow

• Check the hose to ensure pressure is not being lost somewhere. Check the inline strainer for debris and clean if needed.

• Worn tires may slow the cleaner.

Loosewheelsordrivebeltscanreduce speed.

Cleaner doesn’t cover the pool

• The hose may not be long enough.

• Ensure that the hose reaches the furthest point from the wall with an additional three feet.

• Check that the feed hose is floating; it may have become waterlogged.

• Adjust the thrust jet on the back where the water sprays out. The default setting is 11 o’clock but changing it to 1 o’clock will give it the opposite cleaning pattern.

Cleaner hose gets tangled

• Ensure the hose is not too long.

• Ensure the feed hose is floating.

• Make sure that the hose swivels rotate freely.

• Check that all the wheels are being powered. Too much pressure could be causing the cleaner to move too quickly, tangling the hoses.

Hayward’s Trivac 500 pressure side cleaner

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