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Pressure side cleaners best for large debris

For many pool and spa service professionals, pressure side cleaners are the preferred automatic cleaner, with a good balance between cleaning power, maintenance, and price. Pressure side cleaners are attached to the return side of the pump system and are pushed randomly along the floor and walls by water pressure.

Pressure side cleaners offer numerous advantages in terms of their cleaning capacity, saving pool operators time over having to brush and scrub. And those with big filter bags can capture a lot of large debris without needing to be constantly emptied.

There are a lot of choices with pressure side cleaners, so when recommending a cleaner, here are some features to be aware of: One of the necessary evils of owning most pressure side cleaners is having to buy a booster pump, and they aren’t cheap. A person should consider that in talking to customers about the total cost. And if a booster pump is already installed, be sure that the new cleaner is compatible with it. There are pressure cleaners that operate on lower pressure that do not require a booster pump, but they do require strong enough pressure from the pool pump to power them, and the filter needs to be kept extra clean.

As with suction side cleaners, it’s important to consider the pool’s surface type. Most are designed for inground pools, and although not nearly as common, there are models made for aboveground pools as well.

Hard-wheeled cleaners are suitable for cementitious surfaces such as plaster and aggregate. Also, vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools may be damaged or scratched if the wheels or treads are too hard.

Cleaners are supposed to save time, so look for models that are easy to maintain. Filter bags should be easy to remove and clean. Hardware should be easy to remove and replace.

Be sure replacement parts are easy to find. It’s a good idea to stock up on extra parts for the cleaners that you find yourself recommending, such as extra hoses, floats, bags, belts, gears, tails, and so on.

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