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Suction side cleaners are the ….

Suction side cleaners are the …. Suction side cleaners are the ….

Suction side cleaners are the most basic type of automatic pool cleaner, using the pool’s intake to suck in water, along with leaves and debris as they pass. They also tend to be the cheapest, and are best suited for fine to medium sized debris. If there are a lot of leaves, a separate leaf cannister may be needed, or a pressure side or robotic cleaner is recommended.

Suction side cleaners can only be as efficient as the pool’s pump system. A weak pump that struggles under normal conditions is a bad fit for a suction side cleaner. Furthermore, they aren’t all appropriate for rough surfaces such as pebble or aggregate, which can damage delicate brushes or rubber blades, so it’s important to find one that is a good match for the pool’s surface material.

When recommending a suction side cleaner, make sure that the pool pump can consistently produce a minimum of 25 gallons per minute. Some suction side cleaners will list the minimum GPM.

Ensure that you have adequate hose length. Fortunately, most suction cleaners come with several sections of hose that can snap together until the proper length is achieved. As previously mentioned, consider the pool surface. Slippery pool walls of vinyl or fiberglass may require special “tape wheels” or tracks. Aggregate rough surfaces may mean that rugged wheeled cleaners like “The Pool Cleaner,” “Aquanaut,” or the “Zodiac MX6” would be a good fit.

Price can be important for many customers. Suction side cleaners run between about $200 to $600.

But its not necessary to spend a lot of money to get a good cleaner. Pools with minimal debris can do well with a simple unit. However large pools with heavy debris may need a separate leaf cannister and it’s a good idea to look for models with adjustable throats.

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