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Pentair’s ‘Prowler 930W’ robotic inground cleaner

Pentair’s ‘Prowler 930W’ robotic inground cleaner Pentair’s ‘Prowler 930W’ robotic inground cleaner

The Prowler 930W Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner pairs WiFi connectivity and Pentair Home app technology with deep-scrubbing action to deliver ultimate performance and convenience. Inground pool owners have the power to set programmable daily cleaning schedules so that their pool can remain pristine without the need to constantly monitor the cleaner. Simply plug the tangle-free cord, place it in the pool and go about your day. The Prowler 930W takes seamless, spotless cleaning to a whole new level of easy. Plus, the Prowler 930W works independently from the pool’s filtration system and requires no added booster pump to run, making it a cost-efficient, ecofriendly cleaning option.

Key features of the Prowler 930W include:

•All-surface deep cleaning using a powerful, highspeed scrubbing brush

• Captures both large and ultra-fine debris with a top access basket for easy emptying

• A robust caddy enables mobility and easy storage

• Customizable cleaning schedules for connivence at your fingertips

• Targeted spot-cleaning ability For more information, contact Pentair Ltd., Dept. SI, 1620 Hawkins Ave., Sanford, NC 27330. Telephone 800-831-7133. Visit the company online at


® , of Orlando, Fla., offers waterfall kits and coping/waterline masonry products engineered to install with minimal labor while offering a look that is similar to more expensive full custom masonry projects.

Created to meet the growing demand by consumers for rock treatments around pools, this new coping creates a stone look that complements the company’s waterfalls and boulders.

The waterline coping is comprised of light-weight cast concrete rock that is mortared in place. The highdensity concrete mix resists damage to freeze thaw, and the non-slippery texture of the coping makes it a good choice for pool perimeters.

Ideal for pool deck renovations, these coping products, while not intended for large patios, can be combined to resurface decks around pools and make a terrific transition material around pools.

For more information, contact Rico Rock, Dept. SI, 327 Thorpe Rd., Orlando, FL 32824. Telephone 888717-3100. Online

Try Jandy VS FloPro now available using 115V, 230V

The Jandy VS FloPro

™ , with both 115V and 230V models available, allows users to operate with either power source, providing greater installation flexibility and eliminating main power rewiring. The VS FloPro 0.85 HP and 1.65 HP pumps are recommended aftermarket replacements of single-speed pumps up to 1.5 HP.

Ultra-compact to easily fit in small equipment areas, JEP models include an onboard JEP-R controller, with the ability to program up to eight speeds, and two timed programs. AUT models are automation-ready and compatible with all Jandy AquaLink® Automation Systems, iQPUMP01 and JEP-R controllers.

Jandy VS FloPro features include more power; permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan-cooled motors for extended motor life and quieter, cooler operation especially at lower speeds; reliable battery backup that keeps settings intact during power outages; up to a 20 percent improvement in hydraulic performance from the previous generation; and two auxiliary relays to control additional equipment.

Both the VS FloPro 1.65 HP and 0.85 variablespeed pumps are Energy Star certified and offer significant savings over comparable 1.5 HP singlespeed pumps.

For more information, contact Fluidra USA, LLC, Dept. SI, 8525 Mallory Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32220. Telephone 904-378-0999. Online

Needanewshoppingcart feature? Try RB Retail

RB Retail & Service Solutions, of Monroeville, Pa., has rolled out a Shopping Cart feature that can be added to existing websites. This new offering allows pool and spa businesses that were originally unprepared for an online marketplace to now provide fully equipped, easy check-out and curbside pick-up or delivery.

The Shopping Cart makes pool sales management easier and is an ideal way to keep businesses in the industry thriving during the pandemic surge in demand for all things pool, spa and outdoor living.

A direct link to this feature is https://www. management/.

For more information, contact RB Retail & Service Solutions, Dept. SI, 3824 Northern Pike, Suite 600, Monroeville, PA 15146. Telephone 866-933-9099. Online

Have you heard of ‘Skimmer’ the new pool service software?

Skimmer, a Pool Service Software, from Skimmer, Inc., of Austin, Tex., is designed for modern pool professionals. It enables users to work anywhere, online or offline, and automatically syncs to the Cloud so data is always safe. It also ensures that customer information is up-to-date.

Work orders, handled by the software, keep track of service calls, repairs and filter cleanings. Techs can take photos and fully describe any issues to ensure the purchase of proper parts, which can be entered on the built-in shopping list and tracked from purchase to installation and invoicing.

Skimmer optimizes a route, saving time and money. Readings and dosages can be tracked fast and values can be fully customized. The app also lets the office know, at a glance, where every service techs is, when they started the work day and their projected finish time.

Beautiful service reports that look great on any device can be emailed to customers. Mass emails can also be sent based on many attributes, such as customer tags, scheduled service date, and tech and route assignments, providing customers with important information.

Skimmer also integrates with QuickBooks Online for convenient tracking of billing and payments. When it is time to send out invoices, Skimmer itemizes services rendered during the month for each client and the billing rate for each.

Currently in Beta test and launching in August is Skimmer Payments and Invoicing that integrates payments and invoicing directly into the software, making it possible to manage an entire business, from service to billing, inside Skimmer.

Whether a pool business is a one-poler or a large one, Skimmer can organize and simplify life. A switch to Skimmer is easy, with no set-up fees and no contracts. The software also comes with a 60-day risk-free guarantee.

For more information, contact Skimmer, Inc., Dept. SI, 603 W. 18th St., Austin, TX 78701. Telephone 480718-2158. Online

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