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Corvette lands in backyard pool, kills two

Two people are dead and one seriously injured after their speeding Corvette went airborne and landed in a backyard swimming pool.

The incident occurred at 2:15 in the morning on July 7 in Chino, California, and took the lives of a 21-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man, whose names were not released by police. The woman died at the scene of the accident; the man died at the hospital. A 21-yearold woman was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Police said the driver was traveling down Schaefer Avenue and hit a median, launched over a fence, and landed in a home’s swimming pool.

Investigators were unclear if alcohol or drugs played a role, but that speed was a major factor in the accident that ejected all three people from the car.

Witnesses told police the car was speeding, and residents of the area say that the speed limit at that particular corner is frequently ignored.

Neighbors say street racing is a problem and many drivers will often speed around the tight bend. Some say they want more safety measures.

“Trust me, it worries me very much,” said neighbor Maria Jasso. “My son's house is right on the corner.”

Arthur Guerrero, the homeowner whose pool was landed in, said he went outside after hearing the collision. There he saw the Corvette in the pool and heard two of the car’s occupants crying out in pain.

Guerrero said he was only grateful it happened in the early morning hours when no one was in the backyard.

He said in the 15 years that he has lived there, he has seen and heard dozens of crashes at the intersection. Nonetheless, he was shocked that a car landed in his pool.

“I went out of my kitchen door and I see a girl laying on my deck,” Guerrero said.

Chino police said that if residents call them about their safety concerns, they will take action.

“The more they call, the more exposure that intersection is going to get,” said Sgt. Jesus Jacquez.

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