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General Description The techniques ….

General Description

The techniques and methods in closing down an in-ground pool for the winter vary from region to region. Local climate conditions and customs often dictate the type, amount and timing of maintenance and services that are performed on an individual pool.

Even with regional differences which are often dictated by the severity of the winter season, most winterizing procedures share several common features that can be used to protect pools regardless of the type of interior finish and structure. Winterizing or closing should occur before the first hard freeze.


The degree of complexity associated with winterizing an in-ground pool is dependent on many factors. From an environmental or climatic perspective, the expected temperature range, the amount of precipitation and the depth of the frost line will all dictate what actions and processes must be done to avoid damaging the tile, interior surfaces, plumbing, equipment, and structures.

One should consult with the various chemical manufacturers, pool manufacturer or builder, equipment manufacturers, and cover manufacturers for the correct procedures and processes to use in a geographic region.

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