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Gas pool heater safety guide

The following are important safety procedures to help avoid a fire or explosion: 1. Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable liquids near the heater or other appliances.

2. If the gas supply to the heater fails to shut off or overheats, turn OFF the heater and manual gas control valve.

Call an authorized service person for repairs.

3. Do not operate any heater that:

• Is leaking

• Is underwater

• Is on an unstable or combustible base

• Has a missing door

• Is close to combustibles

• Has a disconnected draft hood or flue pipe

• Is damaged or modified


If you smell gas:

• DO NOT light any appliance.

• DO NOT touch any electrical switches.

• DO NOT use any phones in the building or nearby.

• DO NOT smoke.

• DO NOT use a flashlight.

• DO NOT close or open any doors.

• Keep others away from the gas leak area.

• Immediately Call 911 or the gas or fire department.

4. To avoid asphyxiation from a gasfired heater, ensure there are no other exhaust gases leaking into any rooms or buildings. Improper, damaged, or corroded venting can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and lead to illness, serious injury, or death.

5. Ensure gas heater is installed according to manufacturer specifications, and that it meets all local, state, and national code requirements.

6. Ensure that heater exhaust vents are located away from windows, air conditioners, doors, and roof overhangs.

7. Ensure fresh air and combustion air venting meets manufacturer specifications so heater operates safely with the least amount of emissions.

8. For indoor heaters, ensure all installation requirements are met.

9. Rodent infestations should be dealt with by an exterminator.

10. Routine maintenance of gas heaters by a trained professional is recommended.

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