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March 4-5, 2022, in Orlando, ….

March 4-5, 2022, in Orlando, Florida. We would love to see all our current members and new members too.”

Within the pool and spa industry, it can be challenging to find educational opportunities. Especially with the current labor challenges in the industry, an apprenticeship program is something that would help to address that education need. “Education is really important to the FSPA. We are looking forward to offering more education to our industry,” McMurray said. The future of education will include a Florida state-approved curriculum already developed for a state college program. The FSPA intends to expand this throughout the state.

FSPA is the first to have an approved pool apprenticeship program, as of early 2020, and there are grant opportunities in the pipeline for this initiative. “I am really encouraged to get the apprenticeship program off the ground,” McMurray said. “It will allow us to touch more people across the state, engage more members, and focus on workforce development and growing our industry labor force.”

Another sector the FSPA participates in with other partners is government relations. This includes meetings with state regulatory agencies and other political figures to ensure that the organization meets the best interests of its members. “I am excited to listen and learn from our robust FSPA team,” McMurray said. “We also need to make sure the interests of our members are met.”

Drowning prevention is yet another integral part of the identity of the FSPA. The swim lesson initiative is the organization’s program to battle childhood drowning. Each year, the FSPA has provided funds for swim lessons across the state of Florida to those families in need through its Florida Swims Foundation. “Very soon, there will be more opportunities for swim lessons in our state, and nationwide, that FSPA will be partnered in,” McMurray said. “I am very proud of this particular FSPA initiative. Very big things are coming soon.”

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