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Pentair offering rebates to IPSSA members

Pentair offering rebates to IPSSA members Pentair offering rebates to IPSSA members

To show their appreciation of the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, Pentair Aquatic Systems will continue to offer IPSSA a rebate incentive based on individual product purchases of each member.

Pentair will reimburse IPSSA one dollar ($1.00) for each whole good that a member purchases throughout the year. The listing of qualifying whole goods is the same as listed in the Pentair’s PIP Program, for example, pumps, filters, heaters, heat pumps, cleaners, automation systems, IntelliChlor, and colored lights.

For IPSSA to receive payment, each member must register individually on the Pentair IPSSA Incentive Program Registration Form, also available on the IPSSA member portal site under Member Only Exclusive Offers. This will allow Pentair to monitor and electronically collect from participating distributors purchase details, or direct from the member purchases for the rebate accumulation.

If a member does not register, their purchases will not qualify and cannot be added later.

The Pentair Incentive Program dates reflect purchases made from October 1, 2020, through September 30, 2021. This program does not affect any member purchases that may also currently be individually enrolled in the PIP program.

If dealers have any questions regarding the program, please have them dial 800693-0171 and speak with their program coordinator.

The funds generated will be used for IPSSA’s continuing education and research programs.

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