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failed underground at some point. ….

failed underground at some point. Further testing at a nearby cabin from which the pool house received power found that a 50-amp surge suppressor had failed and was supplying 120 volts into the ground system.

It was determined that failure of the equipment grounding conductor going to the pool building, and the failure of a surge suppressor were the two events that caused the incident and injuries.

Butler concluded that the people closest to the pool building and that ladder would have received the strongest shock potential from the ground system being energized at this location.

The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office said that several other bystanders also risked their lives when they jumped in to help, but they were not hospitalized. On the day after the incident, the campground owner, Kathy Medeiros, said that the boy who was injured is 8 years old. The adults were an older man and a woman who tried to help. They were all taken to the hospital, but Medeiros everyone was “fine and doing well,” and they were released from the hospital that day.

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