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Older adults, smokers, and those ….

Older adults, smokers, and those who alreadyhavelungdiseaseoracompromised immune system are at higher risk and more likely to become seriously ill.

It is found naturally in the environment and grows best in warm conditions. Common sources include hot tubs, hot water tanks, large air conditioning and plumbing systems, fountains, and water bodies, according to Washington County Public Health. Health officials were urging people in the area to be proactive about identifying cases and seeking treatment quickly.

“People with Legionnaires’ Disease may have flu-like symptoms including fever, tiredness, muscle aches and headaches, that often progress to coughing and shortness of breath. Nausea, diarrhea and confusion are also possible symptoms,” Baumann said. “If you live in or frequent the affected area and experience these symptoms, contact your health provider right away so they can determine if you have Legionnaires’ and provide treatment.”

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