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PHTA’s mentorship program ready

PHTA’s mentorship program ready PHTA’s mentorship program ready

This November, the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance launched a new industry Mentor Program at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo. This unique, members-only program can help pool professionals take their business to the next level. PHTA matches pool pros with a seasoned industry leader with a proven record of success who will guide them through solutions to their business dilemmas. With one-on-one coaching, Mentees gain new knowledge and share real-world experience that can help them to build a successful, long-term business.

PHTA Mentors are a group of builders, service, retail, hot tub, and young professionals who have worked hard and learned from their experiences, and now they want to give back by sharing their knowledge and helping companies achieve similar success. Mentors have a minimum of 10 years of service in the industry and a minimum of five years as a PHTA member. They also have a reputation for competence and ethical and professional conduct.

Mentoring is a partnership between an experienced PHTA member (the Mentor) and a PHTA member (the Mentee) who desires additional professional knowledge, expertise, or guidance. Through mentoring, the Mentor will guide, support, answer questions, provide referrals, and share experiences and known opportunities with the Mentee.

Enrollment is open year-round. It takes just five minutes to complete the online enrollment form. Once enrolled, Mentees can view the Mentors available and reach out via private message within myPHTA to find out if there is a mutual interest.

PHTA is currently accepting enrollments for Mentors at my.phta. org/mentoring. Learn more about being a mentor with the Mentor Toolkit. Mentees are also able to register now.

PHTA will begin making matches in early 2022.

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