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Take the Guesswork out of Water Chemistry!

Take the Guesswork out of Water Chemistry! Take the Guesswork out of Water Chemistry!

Our Professional Guides Tell You How

Service Industry News is committed to the education of the professional pool and spa service technician. Its professional guide booklets have been designed to provide a wealth of clear, concise and unbiased information about the often-confusing subject of water chemistry.

Compiled from articles that originally appeared in the pages of our newspaper, our guides are used as reference material for water certification examinations administered by the Los Angeles County Health Dept. and the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association.

Over the past 20 years, thousands of pool professionals have used these guides as a primary source of waterchemistry information. They will make a vaulable addition to any professional’s pool and spa reference library.

• Guide To Chlorine 36 pages, covers all 6 types of chlorine used in the pool and spa industry, with cost information, use tips, a conversion table and an entire section on cyanuric acid (conditioner).

— $10.00 including postage

•Guide To Alternative Sanitizers 40 pages, includes chapters on Bromine, Ozone, Chlorine Generators, Ionizers, Biguanides & Catalytic Sanitation. Tells you what you really need to know about these alternative sanitizers.

— $10.00, including postage

•Guide To pH, Alkalinity, Water

• Testing & Water Balance 64 pages, includes 6 chapters, 7 technical charts and 12 tables, explaining all you need to know about testing and adjusting water, including a simplified explanation of the often misunderstood Langelier Saturation Index.

— $10.00, including postage

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