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On her own phone, Lisa ….

On her own phone, Lisa called the police, who with maddening slowness, asked for a full description of the intruder, and the make, model, and license plate number of his car.

Lisa said, “Don’t worry about what he’s wearing. He’s got a knife!”

Wayne told Scott the police were on the way, but on Scott’s end, a tussle had ensued, and Scott, who is a big man in his late 30’s, had pinned the raving man’s arms to his body.

Lisa could hear the man’s lunatic yelling from Wayne’s phone.

On Lisa’s phone, the police told her to tell her worker to let the man go, and Lisa relayed the directive.

Scott said, “I can’t let him go; I’m afraid for my life,” and then he hung up.

Minutes passed as Lisa and Wayne waited helplessly to hear from Scott. When he called back, he was sprinting down Mulholland Drive, screaming that he needed the police immediately and that the man was running after him with a knife.

Lisa thought, “he is going to die,” she told Service Industry News. “My employee went to clean a pool, and now he is going to die.”

Running down the street, Scott told the Winklers what had happened since his last call. He had done what the officers told him to do – he had let the man go. Then, standing in front of his truck, Scott was turning to leave the driveway, when the man jumped into his car and smashed into Scott’s truck, which struck Scott and pinned him against the garage door. When the man put his car in reverse, Scott, who had slumped to the ground, got up and attempted to flee. As he tried to run, the man hit him again sending him flying through the air.

He told the Winklers this part of his story and then hung up.

Lisa said that she was shaking as they waited to hear from him again.

When he called back, Scott told them that he was hiding and that police were swarming the area, shotguns out.

Lisa called the police to explain that Scott and his pursuer were no longer at the house but then learned that the attacker had circled back and had broken through a window and barricaded himself in the customer’s home.

Following a brief standoff, the police were able to remove him from the house and place him under arrest.

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