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When to close a hot tub

Especially during times of high use, it is essential that hot tub water be tested regularly and frequently. Regular testing helps operators to maintain the correct sanitizer level and pH so as to prevent bacterial growth.

For hot tubs that experience high bather load, testing every hour will help ensure safe water chemistry so that bathers can enjoy the water without the risk of infection.

Commercial spas must be closed until the problem has been resolved if any of the following conditions are observed: • Not enough or too much sanitizer.

• If the pH is not within 7.2 – 7.8.

• Water temp. is above 104°F.

• Cloudy water

• The GFCI is not functional.

• Missing drain cover.

• Circulation system not working.

• A lightning storm is imminent.

•Afecal, blood, vomiting incident.

• There is a disease outbreak.

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