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IPSSA: A service tech’s best friend

IPSSA: A service tech’s best friend IPSSA: A service tech’s best friend

By Rose Smoot, IPSSA Director

2022 is the year of pool service. With all the new pool and spa installations, these pool and spa owners are desperately seeking the help of service techs to keep their new investment in tip-top shape. Service professionals know that there is a tremendous opportunity for business growth. But sometimes they wish they could lean on other industry professionals to support them through stressful times. This is where joining an IPSSA chapter can make all the difference.

IPSSA, The Independent Pool and Spa Service Association, is THE organization created by and for pool and spa service techs. IPSSA is focused on helping the pool and spa service industry with business development opportunities, education, insurance, and peer-to-peer networking nationwide.

Peer-to-Peer Support When asked, Why IPSSA? The overwhelming response by members is: “To be a part of a larger community of service professionals that help one another, providing knowledge and education through community.” IPSSA members have a reputation of helping one another through any crisis. Most recently, when Texas experienced an unusual freeze last year, our members stepped up from other chapters in other states to give IPSSA members in Texas the products they needed to help sustain their businesses and, most importantly, help maintain the pools and spas of their customers.

IPSSA believes in sharing Knowledge through Community — and because the service community is made up of so many individuals, IPSSA chapters work hard to create networking opportunities on a peer-to-peer basis. The goal is to get service professionals together to come join a BBQ and get to know other pool pros. Share your story – and get takeaways from others in the industry!

Knowledge & Education Support

Sharing knowledge with one another and supporting members through continued education is another huge benefit to being part of IPSSA. Members have access to free educational opportunities through chapter meetings, where major manufacturers, distributors, and other service-related companies provide presentations and assistance to members. Additionally, IPSSA members get discounts on CPO, RAIL (TX specific), Aquatic Facility Operator and ISPSC (TX) Orientation for Service and Repair courses.

One of the biggest benefits to being an IPSSA member is the opportunity to get tuition assistance that can be applied to classroom costs. Members can simply apply for a scholarship through the IPSSA Education Fund to cover anything from specific pool and spa product courses as well as businessrelated classes.

Insurance Support

IPSSA members are also eligible for group general liability and life insurance through Arrow/HUB Insurance Service, IPSSA’s Exclusive Endorsement Partner. Current limits of liability are $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate, and optional higher limits are available. Coverage includes damage and injury from routine pool chemicals, hazardous material clean-up expense, and popped pools. IPSSA member also help each other in time of illness, injury, and medical leaves of absence by covering each other’s routes through IPSSA's Techs-4-Techs Sick Route Coverage Plan.

Knowledge through Community

IPSSA is here to assist with your path to professional growth. IPSSA members get a free subscription to the IPSSAN Newsletter dedicated to industry information for service professionals. IPSSA also makes it easy to get involved in the community with assistance from the IPSSA Grant Program and the IPSSA Swim Fund.

Join IPSSA to get the Knowledge and Support you need through our Community!

IPSSA Board of Directors — Team 2022

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