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Service Industry News celebrates 35 years

Service Industry News celebrates 35 years Service Industry News celebrates 35 years

The only news source delivering the latest information exclusively to the pool and spa service professional

When Service Industry News was born 35 years ago, the pool and spa world was a different place.

To name a few examples: Pool and spa service professionals were charging $50 a month. For the most part, business owners did their accounting on paper, with computer use and accounting software just beginning to emerge. The cell phone, so vital a part of our lives today, was not even around yet. Car phones were the closest we had, and even they were not really affordable.

Chlorine generators were almost as rare and the best heaters were only 70-percent efficient, and neither IPSSA nor UPA had formed yet.

Indeed, 35 years ago, the people who do your job were more likely called “poolmen” rather than “pool and spa service technicians” or “pool and spa service professionals.”

This is the 841st issue of Service Industry News, marking our 35th anniversary.

We started printing this paper with the goal of providing swimming pool service technicians the important technical information they needed to better perform their job. In the process, the industry came to recognize the important role service techs provide.

Sure is hard to believe it has been 35 years since the first day this paper came out and the great News is ... ‘We are just getting started!’ In the ’80s, the pool service industry was just coming into its own. The boom in suburban trackhome building often included a backyard swimming pool, and the need for a swimming pool service tech. This new crop of water warriors soon became the dedicated readers of Service Industry News.

The introductory issue of Service Industry News on Jan. 9, 1987, stated: “The need for such a publication is clear. Although service firms and independent service personnel comprise one of the largest groups within the pool and spa industry, they are underrepresented by the trade press, which must cover the entire industry and cannot concentrate on the needs of a single segment.”

The first year’s issues were filled with various subjects and tasks relating to pool service. The paper’s founders, David Dickman and the late Robert Lowry wrote articles on topics such as, “How Do You Fix Stuff,” and many pool water chemistry stories, providing essential information for pool techs.

Thirty-five years later, we are still at it — publishing 24 issues a year, and filling the paper with articles on water chemistry, equipment repair, troubleshooting, industry news, business stories, and trade show coverage.

Our readers encouraged us, and we thank you. Our goal today remains as it was 35 years ago — to publish straight forward, no nonsense articles that service techs need in order to do their job properly.

And we thank our advertisers, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning. There are few, if any, other publications that give a manufacturer or supplier access to an exclusive pool tech audiance.

We made some exciting changes in 2020, becoming a digital publication. Gone are the days when we received news and information from print newspapers and magazines. In fact, when did you last see a newstand?

Information today is conveyed via cell phone, laptop or tablet and publishing digitally gives us the ability to convey important information quickly. Most importantly, our entire digital library is available anytime and to anyone online at www.

Readers and advertisers have appluaded the move to digital and now everyone has Service Industry News on their phone and in their back pocket.

Going forward Service Industry News will continue publishing the stories that are important to the pool service industry. You can expect to read stories on cyanuric acid, sanitizers, water chemistry and testing. During the summer months, we will survey the industry on service pricing, labor and equipment pricing, and chemicals.

The newly redesigned classified section will now feature available service routes for purchase nationwide.

Also we will continue to provide the latest news of interest to service professionals, as well as classes, certification courses and seminars in our updated educational opportunities section. And of course, we will continue to welcome those photos showing the spaghetti-plumbing, rats in heaters, cars in pools and everything else that you encounter in your day!

The SIN Team: Marcelle Dibrell, Lisa Lacey, Diane Dibrell, Carolyn Dibrell & Doug Walsh.

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