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Pool construction worker fatally shot on job

A Las Vegas swimming pool construction worker died of a gunshot wound to the head after getting into an argument with a coworker.

Kevin Ortiz Martinez, 22, of North Las Vegas is accused of the shooting death of Garey Flores, 30, during an argument at their job site on Nov. 29. Flores died Dec. 5 at University Medical Center from a gunshot wound to the head, according to the Clark County coroner’s office.

The two men were part of a small crew renovating a backyard pool in a neighborhood just west of the Las Vegas Strip on Alcoa Ave. near Sahara Ave. and Valley View Blvd.

An arrest report for Kevin Martinez showed that on Nov. 29, a homeowner employed Pablo Ortiz Martinez to refurbish his pool. Pablo Martinez hired his sons, Kevin Ortiz Martinez and Oscar Ortiz, along with a third man, Garey Flores, to complete the job.

The father told police he sent Oscar Ortiz to another job and at approximately 4 p.m. asked him to retrieve tools from the Alcoa Ave. job. According to the arrest report, Oscar Ortiz found Flores alone inside the pool with a head wound.

Pablo Ortiz said that he called Kevin Ortiz and told him to confess.

According to the police report, “Kevin acknowledged an incident took place but refused to elaborate... Pablo convinced Kevin to return to the scene and surrender to law enforcement.”

Although Kevin Ortiz refused to provide a statement at the station without an attorney, he did tell police that Flores had made him angry and the two fought.

Kevin Ortiz was booked on battery resulting in substantial bodily harm. He was released on $2,000 bail with high-level electronic ankle monitoring.

A hearing was scheduled for Jan. 20 to determine if prosecutors will file additional charges.

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