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Check out Seattle’s Hot Tub Boats

Check out Seattle’s Hot Tub Boats Check out Seattle’s Hot Tub Boats

What better way to get out on the water than also by being in the water?

Hot Tub Boats are the latest craze that bring together the magical experience of touring scenic lakes, bays, and oceans while soaking in a floating luxury hot tub.

And while having water inside a boat would usually be cause for concern, these aren’t your average boats. A fair number of large boats have pools or hot tubs, but a Hot Tub Boat is different. It’s a small vessel that is more hot tub than boat, allowing users to cruise around a coastal town while soaking with friends or family.

Adam Karpenske was among the first of those who turned his concept of a Hot Tub Boat into a thriving business. He first thought of it in 2011 while shivering on his houseboat in Seattle, wishing he had a way to warm up. He said he didn’t exactly want to build a hot tub on his boat, so he came up with the idea of a floating hot tub.

“The first boat we built was within six weeks of drawings on paper,” Karpenske said.

Now, his company has a fleet of six docked at Union Lake in Seattle, Washington. Locals and visitors from around the country have made the trip to Seattle for the unique experience of soaking in the sights and sounds of the rowing team and seaplanes, rain or shine.

“There’s a good chance it’s going to rain for nine months here, so we wouldn’t have much of a business if we said we’re not doing this in the rain,” Karpenske said.

His Hot Tub Boats carry 2,500 pounds of water heated to 104 degrees with an integrated diesel-powered boiler and an adjustable thermostat that can keep the water hot in a winter rainstorm. Each Hot Tub Boat is handcrafted in Seattle by devoted shipwrights. Their custom design allows for anybody with a valid ID to rent. This is because their custom engineered electric motors do not allow the boat to exceed 5 mph. The Hot Tub Boat is navigated by joystick and is extremely easy to use. The teak decking is extremely stable, allowing for occupants to lounge on the decks when they please. The onboard, dry storage hatches allow for people to bring out food or drink, and each Hot Tub Boat rental also gets sent out with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

As their own captains, boat renters decide where to go. Maybe they will take their hot tub cruising underneath the I5 bridge into Portage Bay, or perhaps they will head down to South Lake Union underneath the seaplanes, viewing the beautiful houseboats as they go by.

Last summer, customers also went on excursions during the historic heat wave and kept the waters chilled. Each boat has a six-person maximum and rents for $441 for 2 hours.

Boats are also available for purchase, so if you have a spare $75,000 lying around, you can get your own.

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