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increasingly popular for everyday customers, ….

increasingly popular for everyday customers, and not just the wealthy. As society moves to smarter devices, it is more common for pool owners to translate that to their backyards. The ability of the pool to maintain itself to some extent, combined with competitive pricing, has made these systems appealing to pool owners.

Furthermore, new state and local ordinances and financial incentives are driving demand for more energy efficient equipment; this means profit for professional pool service firms.

Resurfacing the deck.

Larger service firms expand their repertoire across the entire backyard. While training and licensing may be required, there’s plenty of profit in adding new decking or patios.

Landscaping. Outdoor service can also extend to landscaping. This could mean a bit of gardening and groundskeeping. The larger firms are also installing rockscapes, creating waterfalls, building lagoons and grottos as part of their services. There is also mood lighting and stereo systems to install.

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