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assistant follows a few feet ….

assistant follows a few feet behind, rolling over the fresh application. Keep pressure in the sprayer to facilitate spraying. A light mist of product is sufficient. The product can be applied over plastic fittings but should be ragged off immediately. Similarly, the tile should also be ragged off to prevent a cloudy glaze.

Once the walls are completed, begin spraying the floor, starting at the deep end. The surface will require about two to three coats, or until “the point of refusal’”— when no more product will absorb into the surface — has been achieved. Older pools with greater porosity will require slightly more product, and most jobs require two coats. Successive coats can be applied just minutes after the previous coat was applied.

The entire process should only take an hour and will provide many years of backyard fun — and a solid investment that will please all pool owners.

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