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Cody Pools donates $40K to Texas Oncology

Cody Pools donates $40K to Texas Oncology Cody Pools donates $40K to Texas Oncology

This February, Cody Pools, which bills itself as the #1 Pool Builder in the United States, announced a $40,000 donation to the Texas Oncology Foundation through their fundraising efforts from their annual Cody Shack golf tournament.

This donation is planned to be used to support multiple programs within The Texas Oncology Foundation, including assisting to transport people to and from radiation treatments, when they cannot otherwise afford or coordinate a ride.

“We are so happy that we could help give back to The Texas Oncology Foundation and very proud of the Cody Pools team and our vendors for coming out and supporting their cause,” said Mike Church, President and CEO of Cody Pools.

Cody Pools holds an annual Cody Shack golf tournament each year, with the proceeds being donated to a charity, part of Cody Pool’s giving initiatives driven by Kelley Church at Cody Pools.

Cody Pools has designed and built more than 20,000 swimming pools since its inception in 1994.

It has built a reputation as a world-acclaimed pool builder, built on providing uncompromising quality, award-winning designs, and leadership.

Cody Pools has offices in San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and the Phoenix, Arizona, metropolitan area.

Cody Pools donates $40K to Texas Oncology Foundation

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