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PHTA Certified Pool Operator

These classes are great for pool service people for a better understanding of the water chemistry and mechanical operations of pools. The class is designed for commercial pools, but all pools use the same water chemistry, circulation, filtration, etc. In addition, in many states, state health department require a class like CPO for commercial pool operators.

NRPA Aquatic Facility Operator

AFO classes are designed by the National Recreation and Parks Association for operators similar to CPO classes. In some areas, AFO is preferred by some organizations, especially City and county Parks departments.

RAIL- Texas Residential Appliance Installer License Prep.

This class is specific to Texas. I have many people from outside the state take the class prior to moving to Texas. This license is required in Texas for any electrical work on swimming pools and spas- replacing pumps, heaters, lights, time clocks- anything that requires removing wires from a piece of equipment. This is a class to help prepare people for the Texas State License exam. The current pass rate on the exam is about 26% overall. This is not a class to teach people how to wire equipment. The class assumes that the individual has the knowledge to do the job, but they need help passing the test.

ISPSC for Service People

This course reviews the 2018 ISPSC (International Pool and Spa Code) with a focus on the aspects that affect pool service and repair of residential pools. Most Pool service People do not realize that the ISPSC does apply to repairs that they may need to do. The ISPSC has been adopted in many cities, counties and states across the USA.

In Texas there are over 100 jurisdictions that have adopted this code. This class also reviews some of the updates that are part of the 2021 ISPSC.

2020 NEC Code Update

This is a free 1 hour review of the changes to the National Electric Code (NEC) from the 2017 version to the 2020 Version. This may be helpful to Pool Builders, but the focus is on the electrical work that pool service people need to know, esp. the Texas Residential Appliance Installer License holders.

PHTA Certified Maintenance Specialist

This course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills for pool service people that are primarily cleaning pools. This certification is great for preparing new employees for the job, as well as clarification for more experienced employees. A CMS certification may also be helpful with marketing, to give someone an edge of the competition to help support price justification with customers.

CPO Virtual

April 8, 25, May 9, 25, June 1, 16.

CPO 2 Day In Person Classes

Albuquerque, NM

April 11 & 12; 13 & 14; May 3 & 4. June 6, 7, 8 & 9. July 11, 12, 13, 14 August 8, 9.

Las Cruces, NM

May 5 & 6. August 10 & 11.

Memphis, TN

June 13, 14.

NRPA Aquatic Facility Operator Virtual 2 day classes

April 18 & 19.

RAIL Virtual Classes

April 26; May 10, 26, June 17.

2020 NEC Update- Free 1 hour ISPSC for Service

June 3.

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