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If I knew then, what I know now

If I knew then, what I know now If I knew then, what I know now

When we first started gathering material for this special homeowner’s edition, we realized that a most valuable message on drowning prevention, and perhaps the most wise, would come from people who have lost a loved one in a backyard swimming pool.

Unfortunately it was all too easy to find a large group of people that grows in size daily.

The group is called Families United — A collection of smaller organizations that have come together for the worst possible reason: the loss or near loss of someone they love to a water tragedy.

Families United is made up of a core of 75 people, representing 24 different organizations that promote specific aspects of water safety.


• If a child is missing... CHECK THE POOL FIRST!

• If there are many people around ... NO ONE IS WATCHING THE POOL!

• If your neighbor has a pool... YOUR CHILD CAN GET IN IT!

• If you are waiting for splashing, there is no noise when a person is drowning.

• Toddler’s can climb into above ground pools.

• Children crawl through doggie doors and get into pools.

• Pool covers come off and ONLY you can assure that it is on.

• Swim lessons help prevent drowning but don’t come with a guarantee.

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