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Pool Covers, Inc.

Pool Covers, Inc. Pool Covers, Inc.

Swimming Pool Safety

Saving Lives, Water and Energy in Your Backyard Since 1984

As summer approaches there are two things at the forefront of most homeowners’ minds: swimming pool safety and energy conservation.

With the significant number of drowning deaths that occur in unattended swimming pools each year as well as rising energy costs, safety swimming pool and spa covers as well as safety fencing offer protection and peace of mind to homeowners with children and pets.

A company specializing in cutting-edge swimming pool safety products offers a wide range of benefits from child safety to water conservation and ease of maintenance.

Safety swimming pool covers provide security while minimizing maintenance costs and time. Acting as a barrier against leaves, insects, and other debris, pool covers allow homeowners to spend less time skimming and more time swimming.

Safety covers also offer the perfect solution to homes struggling with how to cut back when faced with rising energy costs. Daytime water temperature increases as much as 10 to 15 degrees and nighttime heat loss is reduced by up to 90%, which offers significant savings on your heating bill. And with reduced water evaporation comes less chemical evaporation, which means chlorine can last as long as two weeks.

Many homeowners wrongly assume that having a unique pool shape means it will have to remain uncovered.

Whether your pool is a classic rectangle, a curvaceous kidney shape, or offers a breathtaking view from an infinity edge, choose from a variety of top-of the-line automatic, semi-automatic, and manual pool covers to suit your needs. If automatic options aren’t feasible for your particular pool, you can still reap the benefits of a pool cover with manual styles that snap directly onto the surrounding deck. And if a manual cover doesn’t apply, a full line of safety fencing provides the added protection you need to create a safety zone around your pool without detracting from the beauty of your backyard.

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