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Check your pool noodle for snakes

Check your pool noodle for snakes Check your pool noodle for snakes

Texas officials are warning residents that rattlesnakes could be lurking in their pool noodles.

The warning comes after a person hanging out with family members by the pool picked up the pool noodle and a rattlesnake fell out.

The incident was reported in a Facebook post by the Salado Texas Volunteer Fire Department.

Salado is a small town about 50 miles north of Austin.

'They realized later that several baby snakes were still inside,' the post stated.

According to the post, it is not unusual for snakes to seek cooler places as temperatures rise.

'Snakes will typically seek out dark spaces, so it's best to keep your pool toys elevated or in some type of sealed container,' the post read.

The Salado Texas Volunteer Fire Department advises residents to back away from rattlesnakes without panicking and to check pool noodles.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, there are 10 species of rattlesnakes in Texas including the most common, the Western Diamondback.

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