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Employee injured collecting trichlor

Employee injured collecting trichlor Employee injured collecting trichlor

A pool company employee collecting recalled products was taken to the hospital when a bucket containing trichlor tabs exploded.

The incident occurred in Spring Grove, Illinois, on May 16 and involved 50-pound buckets of ProTeam High Tech Tabs that the Haviland Pool and Spa Products employee was collecting following their recall.

The recalled products included 50-pound buckets of ProTeam 3” High Tech Tabs that were purchased from a local hardware store, Novotny Sales in Johnsburg, Illinois.

Haviland had voluntarily recalled the product because of the potential hazard related to handling the pail.

The employee was out collecting those recalled buckets when a chemical reaction within the bucket caused increased pressure and the bucket exploded, injuring the man’s hand.

More than a dozen fire departments responded to the scene, and the man was transported to Northwestern Medicine Hospital in McHenry and treated for non-life-threatening injuries before being released, according to Spring Grove Fire Chief Paul Klicker.

The employee’s vehicle’s trailer was carrying “a lot” of the recalled 50-gallon pails, Klicker said.

Haviland has initiated an internal investigation into the cause of the problem, the company said in a statement. “At Haviland Pool and Spa, the safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our highest priority. We have been in contact with local authorities and are working closely with our retail partners to proactively reach out to customers who may have purchased product from the affected lot numbers,” the company stated. “We have also launched an internal investigation into the cause of the issue and to ensure the quality and safety of our products,” the company said.

Haviland, the Spring Grove Fire District, and Novotny Sales have issued warnings that anyone who may have purchased a 50-pound pail of ProTeam 3” High Tech Tabs from Novotny Sales, Inc. between April 28 and May 3, 2022 from lot codes 21H52 511, 21H53 511, 21H54 511, and 21H55 511 should stop use of the product and arrange for pickup.

They advise consumers not to handle the bucket or remain next to it.

The hazard in the recalled buckets lies in the handling of them.

The pail may burst open with force and cause a strong chlorine smell.

According to the ProTeam 50 lb. High Tech Tab Potential Safety Concern notice, “the lot code can be found on a small white sticker located below the lid. If you cannot view the lot code without touching or moving the pail, do not touch or move the pail and assume that your pail is part of the affected lot code.”

Those who purchased the tabs were advised to call Novotny Sales or Haviland and arrange for pickup.

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