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would way rather have it ….

would way rather have it be this way than to have planned his funeral and had to have his baby by myself.'

Today, Spencer and Ellis have become advocates for pool safety. They encourage anyone swimming this summer to assign designated lifeguards from among those attending family pool parties.

'You can rotate someone every 20 minutes,” Ellis said. “Have them wear a bright-colored piece of clothing so that people know not to distract them when they are on shift. Also, have a basket nearby with a fully charged phone in case someone needs to call 911.'

They also suggest that there should always be at least two adults in or near the water in case of an emergency. That way, if one adult gets into trouble, there is another adult who can help. They say that you can’t count on kids to rescue you.

They hope that their message can prevent injuries like Spencer’s from happening to others.

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