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IN THE MAIL... - Reader applauds Ariel by Solar-Breeze cleaner

Reader applauds Ariel by Solar-Breeze cleaner Reader applauds Ariel by Solar-Breeze cleaner


This letter is from Paul Sim of Pivot Solar Breeze in Scottdale, Arizona.

I read with interest the article by Marcelle Dibrell in your August 1, 2022, edition of Service Industry News entitled “What’s your favorite automatic pool cleaner?”

In her article, Ms. Dibrell mentioned several options that pool service professionals might recommend to their customers for cleaning the bottom of the pool, including robotic, suction side and pressure side cleaners.

However, she missed a new and growing category of pool cleaners – robots that remove debris from the surface of the pool. These automated surface cleaners, such as Ariel by Solar-Breeze, remove 90% to 95% of all debris that enters the pool from the surface before it decays and sinks to the bottom. This results in less bacteria growth in the pool, making it easier to keep the water clean and clear.

Pool owners with automated surface cleaners like this often report that fewer chemicals are required to keep the pool clean and that they can reduce the amount of time they run their other pool cleaning apparatus. Since robotic surface cleaners like Ariel often run on solar energy, this also means they can reduce the amount of energy consumed keeping their pool clean.

An increasing number of pool service professionals are recommending these products to their customers because it also makes the pool pro’s job easier.

Paul Sim Vice President at Pivot Solar-Breeze Scottsdale, Arizona

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